Demsan Demirdöğen Agricultural Machinery Industry

About Us

DEMSAN was founded by Nurettin Demirdogen in Odemis, a district of Izmir renowned for its potatoes. The first single-row potato harvester was made in Turkey as a consequence of studies conducted between 1950 and 1968. The results of the tests conducted by Ege University in 1969 showed a positive trend. The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives' distribution of the machines to the domestic market had established the company's reputation across the nation. Intense demands required the move from the first workshop of 50 m2 to the current factory building of 600 m2 in 1990. With the extensive expenditures made in the 1990s, the factory area was enlarged to 2800 m2, of which 2000 m2 were closed. Additionally, the manufacturing technology and capacity were also enhanced. Research and studies have always been carried out to better and more efficiently meet the agricultural technology and client needs that have developed over the years. These have led to the addition of new products to the product line that meet various requests and have various features. Aiming to provide mechanization for every stage of potato production, DEMSAN has a very high market share in this regard in Turkey. Besides the domestic market, DEMSAN has become a sought-after brand in foreign markets with its sensitivity to quality products.

" Potato Mechanization Expert! "